The Markosian Program

Markosian Auto sells cars in a completely different way. We know that really good people can have credit challenges. We pride ourselves in helping our customers get into a great car, truck or SUV. If you can get a traditional loan – great ! But most of our customers can’t. We were tired of working with lenders who would not give our customers loans. We decided to do something about it.

Now most of our customers use our in-house financing program. Why? Because we make it Fast and Easy.

You can shop by Price, Location, Vehicle Type and most often by our In-House Financing Down Payment.

We know that our customers rely on their vehicles for everyday living. They need a reliable car to get them to work, the grocery store, the kids to school and back home again. This is why we provide a Limited Warranty with EVERY In-House Financing purchase.

Let us show you why Markosian Auto has almost 5,000 customers in our In-House Financing Program.