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Simple & Easy Approval
Getting into a great vehicle at Markosian Auto is EASY. All you need is proof of income and a driver's license. Down Payments start at $299.
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Vehicle Inspection
Every vehicle we sell starts at the Markosian Auto Reconditioning Center in Tooele. Its inspected, serviced and detailed before its ready to sell to you.
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Things Change
We know life changes. Do you need a bigger car or a truck for work? No Problem. As long as you have taken good care of the vehicle you can switch into a vehicle that better suits your needs. You'll just pay a down payment and document fees towards your new vehicle.
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FREE Warranty

Markosian Auto provides a FREE Warranty with every Vehicle participating in our In-House Financing Program. Stay Covered, Stay Confident. We believe in providing value that goes beyond just selling you a vehicle. That’s why every vehicle in our program, comes with Markosian Auto's Exclusive Warranty for the duration of your contract.
Peace of Mind
Getting a warranty with your used car is more than just a safety net – it’s an investment in peace of mind. A warranty can save you from unexpected costs and hassle, giving you the confidence to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest. Here’s why a warranty from Markosian Auto is a smart choice: Financial Protection: Vehicle repairs can be expensive. With a warranty, you’re covered for a wide range of repairs, saving you from unforeseen expenses. Peace of Mind: With a warranty, you can drive with confidence knowing that you’re protected against many types of mechanical breakdowns. High-Quality Repairs: Our warranties ensure that any repairs are made with quality parts by experienced technicians, keeping your vehicle in top shape. Enhanced Resale Value: Cars with warranties often have higher resale value since they offer assurance to potential buyers that the vehicle is well-maintained and protected. At Markosian Auto, our warranties are designed to give you the best protection and the best value. Choose Markosian Auto and drive away with the vehicle you love and the coverage you deserve.
With Our Limited Service Agreement (LSA), your vehicle is protected against the unexpected. This includes coverage for the alternator, starter, radiator, fuel pump, and water pump, all with just a $200 deductible. Even major components like the engine and transmission are covered under this agreement, with a replacement deductible of $600. Best of all, every vehicle in our in-house financing program comes with the LSA.